Our Foundations

As an integrated Group of multi-disciplined recruitment specialists, Elevation is deliberately dedicated to our clients in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the East Midlands. Stable, secure and successful, the Group was founded in 2010 by its Chief Executive, Greg Parkinson, and following an MBO in 2014, is now one of the UK’s fastest-growing independent recruitment firms.

Elevation has the entrepreneurial drive of a young business, but the wisdom and maturity of a much older one. Our Board Members have worked in professional recruitment collectively for 81 years and they are supported by Divisional Heads, each one of whom has at least 10 years’ experience in their industry sector. At Elevation, we cherish continuity and loyalty - with our clients, with our candidates and with each other.

Our Visions and Values

Our Vision: As a highly reputable recruitment business, Elevation Recruitment Group aspires to be the best employer in its field and the market leader across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the East Midlands within its specialist recruitment sectors.

Please see Our Values below:


We are ambitious...

Which means that we have high expectations about our personal conduct and professional service.



Success typically requires hard work, bold thinking, the appetite and ability to grab opportunities and the will to be successful.



Loyal relationships - consistent and consultative - are central to our success and enjoyment.



We all have clear and specific responsibilities - to our clients, to our candidates and to each other.



We don’t cut corners. We are thorough. We do things properly.



We don’t tolerate mediocrity or mendacity. But we do encourage original, creative and independent people, determined to be successful without compromising our values.

Specialist Disciplines

From the very start, Greg Parkinson, Chief Executive, had clear ideas: he didn’t want Elevation to be “all things to all people”; specialist dedication to niche markets would offer critical competitive advantage; conventional permanent recruitment would be complemented by thriving operations in the Temporary, Interim and Executive Search markets; objective advice for candidates was not just the right thing to do, but would also help generate the strongest networks; Institute relationships would really enhance our market reputation and industry insights; and long term Consultant employment would stimulate genuine expertise, motivating our clients and candidates (and indeed those Consultants).

These ideas are now reality. At Elevation, we can demonstrate real market expertise, recruitment know-how and remuneration knowledge in the following specialist sectors - please click to find out more:

  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Business Support
  • Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Marketing
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Parkinson Lee - Executive Search

Take a look at our services



For Permanent, Interim and Temporary Roles.


Database Search

Segmented by sector and specialist disciplines, our database is a rare blend of power, pace and precision, updated daily with candidates “poised to perform”.

Advertised Selection

Advertised Selection

Transparent or confidential, our Consultants have ready access to the most powerful job boards, Linked-in platforms and printed media.



Our niche networks are strong, meaning that so often, we know who to speak to. (Day in and day out, we approach and convert passive candidates for our clients).

Executive Search

Executive Search

We will identify the sectors, companies and individuals and approach them with poise and persuasion.

Elevation Plus

Elevation Plus

If you’re serious about recruitment, it’s a serious proposition.

Competency Based Interviewing

Our Recruiters are reliable, long serving and trusted and this is because they are shrewd and subtle in their judgements about candidates. But we are not complacent. Which is why we also conduct competency-based interviews (the questions for which can be influenced by your priorities and views if you so wish).

Psychometric Profiling

If you’d like to conduct psychometric and wider assessments, we retain a long-established and leading edge Occupational Psychologist, with a broad range of tools and proprietary techniques and an authority on Assessment Centres.

From business leaders to recent graduates, these assessments apply to recruitment and selection exercises at all levels. At the same time, they can also provide penetrating insights into other situations across Organisational Development, Team Effectiveness, Succession Planning and Internal Promotions. 

Market and Competitor Analysis

In response to a growing demand from our clients, exploiting our formidable research and identification capabilities, we now provide authoritative, completely up-to-date and detailed analysis of individual markets and companies. These confidential reports are viewed as valuable intellectual property and build upon our intimate knowledge of specific sectors, organisation structures and remuneration.

Our most frequent commissions are for the following:

Mapping the market landscape

Direct competitor analysis

Remuneration - trends, benchmarks and vulnerabilities

Institutional Partnerships