We are committed to investing in the future.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Unlike many of our competitors, Elevation has a well-defined set of original Values; one of them is Accountable, meaning that we have clear and specific responsibilities to our clients, to our candidates and to our employees.

At Elevation, it also means we have responsibilities to our local communities and wider environment. In this context, our commitments to Social Responsibility are strong and cover the following areas:

Ethical Conduct

It is a commercial imperative to have high standards of personal and public behaviour. Dignity and personal respect are central to our communication and relationships with clients and suppliers, employees and members of the public.

We do not have a cavalier attitude to candidates and contractors and always strive to give them constructive advice and timely feedback. Elevation does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality or sexuality and refuses to accept Jobs that would require us to do so. Our working environment is healthy and safe and there is no room for compromise on this matter.

Elevation also has a zero-tolerance approach to bribery, corruption and criminality. Another one of our core Values is Ambitious and we know that we cannot achieve our corporate and personal ambitions unless we stick relentlessly to the above.


We capture statistical candidate information every day for equality and diversity purposes. This is provided by candidates voluntarily upon registration and is recorded anonymously. The data is reported in our Board Meeting each month and helps us to make sure we are maintaining a diverse candidate network.

We also encourage appropriate homeworking and flexible working hours for employees. As well as reducing unnecessary travel (and environmental damage), we are keen to support working parents and all employees in the pursuit of sustainable career commitments. Elevation is also meticulous in ensuring that women on maternity leave are not excluded when it comes to access to development and promotion and our track record demonstrates this.

Elevation is a multi-cultural employer

Employee Motivation

Encouraging is one of Elevation’s core Values and we therefore support our employees to combine commercial success with the pursuit of a rounded and enjoyable life.

As part of this support, we believe in setting clear expectations for the achievement of personal success and promotion and in giving employees balanced, constructive and confidential feedback, both on a day-to-day basis and as part of a regular Appraisal Scheme.

Our Training regime is also regular and rigorous and helps our employees to achieve that personal success, supporting themselves and their families. (Please also see Careers at Elevation).

We invite feedback from our staff as a matter of course - our business leaders are certainly accessible - and also have twice-yearly Employee Surveys.
Elevation takes pride in offering an inclusive, vibrant and motivating environment for its employees. (Please also see Life at Elevation).

Staff turnover is a crucial measure of our corporate success and is reported in the Board Meeting each month.

Our Annual Contributions.

Community Contributions

Elevation has a CSR Committee, led by a Board Director and composed of Managers and employees at all levels of the Group. The Committee meets each month and is the prime decision-making forum for our range of charitable initiatives, often focusing on the development and support of young people in our local communities.  (We also use our knowledge of the job search and interviewing process in all its aspects to provide pro bono advice and support).

These initiatives involve working with our established partners and are underpinned by our voluntary and financial support.

In addition to their annual holiday entitlement, employees are given two additional days to contribute as appropriate.

Our corporate marketing events also have an element promoting our charity commitments.

Elevation’s charitable initiatives include the following:

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Respecting our Environment

Elevation believes the company has a moral responsibility to balance its continuing commercial success with the need to reduce damaging impacts on our environment.

We have therefore developed a programme of practices and initiatives, helping to minimise or mitigate any harmful effects from our activities; some are significant and some less so, but we also believe that, to coin a phrase, every little helps.

Accordingly, we have committed to the following:

  • Zonal motion-sensitive lighting throughout our offices
  • Reducing our dependency on paper by at least 5% year on year
  • Avoiding the use of plastic bags and cups
  • Promote Skype and video conferencing as an alternative to unnecessary business travel
  • Encouraging the appropriate use of public transport, car pools and other trip mitigation measures
  • The rigorous monitoring of our power consumption, aiming to reduce its overall amount by at least 1% year on year and therefore reducing its environmental impact
  • Switching off PCs and monitors every evening
  • Easy access to paper recycling bins
  • Easy and safe storage facilities for push-bikes.
  • Using materials from renewable resources that are non-toxic and recyclable
  • The donation of IT/electronic/electrical/office equipment/mobile phones to those who otherwise would not have access to them
  • The proper disposal and recycling of plastics, metal and IT/office/telecoms equipment, (such as printer toners and mobile phones) and special waste (such as defective monitors and electrical equipment) in accordance with appropriate legislation.