A career, not a job.

If you’re now just looking for a new job, then please, browse another website. But if you’re looking for a rewarding career, making a significant personal commitment, but also enjoying the long term one we’ll make to you, then please consider the following.

In comparison to most other recruitment firms - and certainly those smaller ones based in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the East Midlands - Elevation offers so much more. Of course, when companies discuss their employment propositions, so many communicate the clichés - how can you not be our most important asset? - but the difference with Elevation is the practical reality. And that reality covers these important areas...

Elevation Recruitment Group offer so much more.

Share in our success

... one of the UK’s fastest growing independent recruitment firms
To enjoy a highly successful career, it helps to be part of a highly successful company. So let’s put this simply: with the quality of our clients, the quality of our service and the quality of our staff, Elevation is not just a stable, secure and highly reputable business. We are now one of the UK’s fastest growing independent recruitment firms.

A breadth of opportunities

... we’ll have exactly the right role for you
As well as Permanent, Contract and Interim recruitment services, we also have seven specialist brands and a thriving Executive Search business, Parkinson Lee. This breadth and specialist expertise means that we have the scope and flexibility to identify a role tailored precisely for you, matching your temperament and skills, interests and ambitions.

Our training and your development...

One of our core values is to be Encouraging

We know that however confident and capable you are, you’ll need support to succeed. Substantial and sustained support to maximise your success. That’s the reality and it’s our reality too. From the class room to the desk, from counselling to coaching, our training regime is a rare blend of vigour, rigour and subtlety. There’s a central menu of core courses covering a wide variety of topics, delivered both internally (by our CEO, Directors, Head of Learning & Development and Non-Executive Directors) and externally (by a small number of training providers). These are complemented by tailored training for you as an individual. On a day-to-day basis, of course, you will also be coached and supported fully by your Line Manager. At Elevation, you’ll be equipped and developed to perform to your true potential.

Your career progression
... for so many promoted staff, Elevation is precisely the right name
In some companies - and quite a few in recruitment - there’s a tense atmosphere arising from corrosive cliques and tedious tantrums. Not at Elevation; we are simply not that kind of company. And unlike many of our competitors, we’ll not make you a slave to KPI targets or suffocating micro-management - that’s not Elevation either.

But we are Ambitious. (In fact, that’s another one of our core Values). So from Day One, we’ll set out - clearly and specifically - your performance expectations, the organisation structure, the options to progress your career, both in the short and long term, and what you’ll have to achieve to do so. We’ll also provide constructive feedback for you, both systematically as part of our Appraisal Scheme and informally as part of our coaching culture. Our aim is to be transparent, fair and supportive.

At every stage, then, we’ll encourage you to perform positively, to achieve promotion and to realise your ambitions. And the evidence is, we’re getting this right. We now employ over 50 people and (with one exception) our Leadership and Senior Management Teams have all progressed through the ranks over the years. As we plan for significant further growth, so this pattern of promotions will continue: Elevation is precisely the right name for so many of our staff.

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