First class

... from LinkedIn and Line Management to Marketing and Training.

We have very low staff turnover, reflecting, we think, the quality of support we provide - from the dedication of our Directors and Managers and the capabilities of our Support functions to the quality of our Appraisals and the success of our training regime. We have the best tools and support for your personal success.

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Transparent & continuing promotion opportunities


... for individual, team and company achievements!

Well, with a cast list of charismatic characters, where do we start? With our well-defined set of Values, we are, of course, committed to our clients, responsible with our candidates and serious about our service; that's fundamental for Elevation and always will be. And our door is open to all: we are big enough and broad enough to include a real mix of people, keen to provide the best service and grow with us.

At the same time, we're a vibrant business appealing to appealing people and that means, there's every chance to have lots of laughter and fun if you so wish. Whether it's Friday night fever (following a weekly 4pm finish), a day at the races, a spectacular Christmas party, cocktail-making or custom-made business suits, our social events and incentives are second-to-none!

Quarterly, monthly and spot incentives

A highly competitive negotiable salary, motivating you individually

Uncapped Quarterly bonus scheme

A fantastic, friendly &
fun environment

Our offices are contemporary and well equipped. For example, does your current office have an on-site gym and shower facilities? Are you the table football champion? Or is pool your table? Does your current office have the best AC (or does yours keel over with a summer scorcher?) And can you host a client in a Boardroom boasting really impressive AV kit? Well, of course, we can and you will.

Onsite gym & shower facilities

Are you the table football champion?

Unrivalled Linkedin investment and access

You'll enjoy the use of LinkedIn's most powerful Recruiter Licence, a significant investment in your success and yet another competitive edge when you work at Elevation.

Dinners &

... dressed to impress!

As well as hosting a variety of events for clients - from business breakfasts and curry nights to themed seminars and networking sessions - we also sponsor a wide range of formal Dinners. In due course then, there’s every chance, you'll be in your glad rags!


When it comes to the wider environment - from our local communities to our global challenges - we’re sensitive but not self-righteous, committed but not evangelical. Our sense of Corporate Responsibility is certainly strong.

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Flexible childcare arrangements

At Elevation, we never forget that family comes first. After all, each of our Board Directors is a parent, appreciating the practical challenges of childcare and pursuing a successful career. If you’re a Working Parent, then, please relax: we have a flexible and mature approach to attendance, enabling you to be both poised and productive.

Free car parking