5 ways to make yourself noticed when applying for jobs

5 ways to make yourself noticed when applying for jobs

Over the years we’ve been seeing the job market improving for candidates; the number of vacancies we work on with each client has been increasing. But it’s also becoming fiercely competitive and the number of people applying for each vacancy is soaring.

Job ads are regularly saturated with highly skilled applicants, meaning your CV could get lost in an endless pile.

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To stand out from a sea of equally talented and experienced applicants, some people will go the extra mile.

Whether it’s doing the full interview in a different language; composing a music number; or putting their CV on a chocolate bar; it can take some creative thinking to land a dream job.

We look at the most creative ways people have stood out to recruiters and hiring managers to set themselves apart from the crowd.

1. Advertise yourself

Some people have opted for using billboards outside a prospective employer’s office to get noticed.

Adam Pacitti was struggling to land his dream job in the media industry. He spent the last of his student loan on a billboard ad, directing people to his website “EMPLOYADAM.COM”. The website showed off the previous documentaries he had made and an interesting story which led him to put his face on billboards in London.

Fortunately, it paid off. After the ad went up, he was flooded with emails and social media attention as it spread around the internet. It led to receiving plenty of job offers meaning he had his pick of companies to work for.

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Now that’s one way to market yourself. But what if the company you want to work for doesn’t have billboards outside their office?

2. The building blocks

Leah Bowman used Lego to construct an unforgettable first impression when applying for an intern role.

 A potential employer tasked Bowman with creating a persuasive advertisement as part of the application process.

Lego played a huge part of Leah’s childhood, so she was inspired to use the Lego Digital Designer to create a brick version of herself. The brick version includes assembly instructions that highlight Bowman's skills, creativity and personality.

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It worked: she secured the internship which then led to a full-time job working in advertising in Chicago.

3. The sweet tooth

To sweeten potential managers, one applicant gave a resume on a chocolate bar. Nick Begley a New Yorker struggling to stand out gave out chocolate bars with his CV in the ingredients.

His chocolate resume was shared across Reddit and Imgur, where it had 7,654 points and 3,802 views.

 This one really did work, he grabbed masses of attention from potential managers. He accepted a position at LeagueApps, a digital marketing firm for local sports leagues.

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4. Coming to a theatre near you

Graphic designer, Joe Kelso created a movie poster theme resume and managed to catch the eye of several recruiters due to the eye-catching colours and design that it featured.

The resume is designed to resemble a poster for a horror movie and uses phrases that are typical for promoting this genre.

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The “title” on the poster is “Resume! The Reckoning” presented by “Joe Kelso”. The clever CV also features his previous job experience and his set of skills as well as an image of Kelso tied up with ropes and screaming as if he were a character in a horror movie.

By showcasing his creative skills, Kelso has been able to secure more interviews than the ordinary two-sided A4 CV he used to have.

5. Auctioning yourself on eBay

With 600 job applications, yet zero offers. Josh Butler realised desperate times had called for desperate measures.

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To attract the attention of potential employers he decided to auction himself on eBay back in 2011. He listed himself priced at an entry-level salary and put his CV in the product description. The auction went viral, securing Josh several interviews.

Fast-forward to 2016, and he is now a successful Broker in London.

The ones that got away

There have been some ‘creative’ ways other candidates have tried and were not successful. One candidate backflipped in the interview, unless you’re joining the circus or a dance group, give this a miss. A candidate brought items from interviewer’s online shopping wish list. We would suggest that bribery or becoming the hiring manager’s stalker is not the way forward. Another Candidate sent in a shoe to “get their foot in the door."

There is a fine line between standing out for the right reasons and being remembered for the wrong ones. 

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all this?

We know that some of these creative ways to get hired are a little out there and might be too risky. So, fear not, we have a dedicated team who will tailor your CV so that it stands out to maximise the success of your job search.

We’re passionate sales people and know how to represent your skills and experience in the best way to potential employers, ensuring you have the best first impression possible. Contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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