Accountancy & Finance Recruitment Trends for 2024

The accountancy and finance industry is constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements and changing market dynamics. As we approach 2024, several significant trends are emerging that will shape the future of the industry and have a direct impact on the recruitment process. From the increasing focus on risk management and cybersecurity to the growing importance of sustainability and the rise of a younger talent pool, organisations must adapt their recruitment strategies to stay ahead in this competitive landscape. In this blog, we will explore these trends and discuss how they will affect recruitment in the accountancy and finance industry.

A graphic listing the Key Trends Affecting Recruitment in the Accountancy & Finance Industry. Generative AI & Agile Cloud Infrastructure, Cyber Security & Risk Management, Sustainability, and Younger Talent Pool

1. Generative AI & Agile Cloud Infrastructure:

The rapid advancement of technology continues to redefine the financial sector, with generative AI emerging as a game-changer. This innovative technology, capable of creating content autonomously, has revolutionised customer interactions through chatbots. Banks and financial institutions are leveraging generative AI to personalise financial planning and investment strategies based on customer profiles and behavioural data.

Moreover, the integration of agile cloud infrastructure is gaining momentum, enabling organisations to access infrastructure, applications, and servers on-demand via the internet. However, this technological evolution raises concerns about data privacy and regulatory compliance, necessitating a workforce equipped to navigate these challenges effectively.

As organisations embrace the potential of AI and Agile Working, the demand for skilled professionals in data science, machine learning, and automation is skyrocketing. Finance companies are prioritising the recruitment of individuals proficient in these areas to optimise processes, drive efficiency, and unlock new revenue streams.

2. Cyber Security & Risk Management:

The rise of AI also brings about heightened cybersecurity risks, making robust risk management a top priority for finance companies in 2024. With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, organisations must invest in tools, infrastructure, and skills to mitigate risks effectively. According to Gartner, worldwide spending on security and risk management is projected to reach $215 billion in 2024, reflecting a 14.3% increase from the previous year. LinkedIn also reports a specific surge in risk-related jobs within the finance industry.

A quote from a recent LinkedIn News article: "Surging business insolvencies, fraud, climate losses and cyber crimes could be some of the key drivers spurring demand for risk analytics alongside private credit or equity research and legal services in finance."

Proficiency in cybersecurity is indispensable for finance professionals seeking to safeguard organisational assets and mitigate cyber threats. As the AI arms race between cybercriminals and organisations escalates, strategic thinking and continuous skill development are essential to stay ahead of emerging threats. Moreover, the need for increased fraud detection underscores the importance of leveraging advanced analytics and AI-powered solutions to combat financial crimes effectively.

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3. Sustainability:

In 2024, we predict that sustainability conversations will continue to grow, driving a growing emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. Financial institutions are under increasing pressure to support green initiatives and incorporate ESG considerations into their decision-making processes. Sustainable finance products, aimed at investing in renewable energy, recycling, and carbon footprint reduction, are gaining traction among consumers seeking to align their investments with their values.

This shift towards sustainable finance necessitates a workforce equipped to drive these initiatives forward. Candidates with experience in implementing green practices and integrating sustainability into financial strategies will be highly sought after, particularly at a leadership level. As consumers become more conscientious about the environmental and social impact of their investments, finance companies must prioritise sustainability in their workforce and business practices to remain competitive and socially responsible.

4. Younger Talent Pool:

Finally, with millennials and Gen Z expected to represent the majority of the working population by 2025, companies must adapt to the evolving expectations of the younger workforce. Millennials and Gen Z prioritise work-life balance, flexibility, and purpose-driven initiatives, making it imperative for employers to align their workplace cultures with these values.

By 2025, Millennials will represent 39% of the global workforce, and Gen Z will represent 23%. By 2030, Millennials and Gen Z will collectively represent 73%.

Flexible work arrangements, including remote and hybrid options, have become non-negotiable for attracting and retaining top talent. Moreover, candidates are increasingly evaluating companies based on their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, emphasising the importance of integrating sustainability and social impact into organisational strategies. Employers who can adapt to this new world of working will ensure continued development and growth for their organisations.

To conclude, finance companies must adopt a proactive approach to recruitment and talent management. By prioritising the recruitment of professionals with expertise in emerging technologies, cybersecurity, sustainable finance, and by creating inclusive and flexible workplaces, organisations can position themselves for success in the dynamic landscape of 2024 and beyond.

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