Ask the expert - Hybrid marketers: What does it take? Part 1/5

‘Hybrid marketer’ a buzzword on every marketers’ lips. Becoming increasingly popular with hiring managers looking for someone who can delve into the different areas of marketing.

 For individuals starting out in their marketing career, it can be a minefield knowing where to start.

That’s why we are supporting the CIM’s ‘Rise of the Hybrid Marketer’ speaker event this month.

This event will give you an insight on how to rise to the top of your marketing career and where to start to become a hybrid marketer.

We’ve carried out a series of expert interviews with the event speakers.

We sat down with Jennifer Esty, Director and Founder of Sharp Ahead, to discuss her career and where to start excelling in your marketing career.

Sharp Ahead is an agency catering to the B2B market that specialises in paid media campaigns, web design, content marketing and much more.

Jennifer has a successful career working across marketing, e-commerce, customer service and with experience in large-scale project implementation for the likes of Microsoft, Nisa, SeeTickets and YPO. Jennifer prides herself on providing excellent customer service to customers and clients.

How did you start your career in marketing?

I started in marketing with Microsoft, heading up digital marketing for the UK subsidiary.

Previously, I was as the Director of Customer Service for Juno an American ISP in New York.

There were very few digital marketing specialists around then. Microsoft was looking for a quick learner with a strong customer focus. So, it was a bit of a leap of faith for both sides!

Take us through your career journey, how did you become a marketing advocate?

My career has definitely been more of a jungle gym than a ladder.

I went from customer service to marketing client side and then on to consulting and agency side, before working for my own agency.

I’ve seen first-hand the impact marketing can have on the growth prospects of a business, and it’s inspiring to know that marketing can really be the difference between a good organisation and a great one.

What does a hybrid marketer mean to you?

For me a hybrid marketer is not so much a marketer with multiple marketing skills sets, I think even specialist marketers should be able to apply marketing best practice principles to all channels, but someone who can understand business challenges and see the bigger picture to understand how marketing can help a business achieve its strategic objectives.

A hybrid marketer should understand customer service, sales, product development, business development and even operations in order to formulate marketing plans which deliver real returns.

What skills are required by the next generation of marketers considering there is such a constant change?

A desire to master that change and the ability to learn quickly and accept that change is inevitable.

But also, to never lose sight of the fact that there are no shortcuts to providing excellent customer service and prospect experiences.

What advice would you give to a fresh marketer?

Pay attention to the business more holistically, spend time with people in your organisation who work in different areas of the business and learn about their objectives, pain points and what they can bring to the table.

You never know when that sort of insight will enable you to create the next award-winning marketing campaign!

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