CEO Blog #7: Balancing the need to communicate with customers vs. limiting your resource

This is likely to be a frustrating time for your customers and stakeholders regardless of how your business is doing at the moment. If your goods and services are in high demand, you might not be able to meet everyone’s needs as quickly as you would do under normal circumstances. If your business is closed, you are running on skeleton staff, or you have high levels of absence, then your customers might not be able access the products and services you offer, or your service delivery times might be taking longer.

It may be tempting to consider marketing non-essential at the moment. But during these uncertain times, your customers and stakeholders need to hear from you and to be reassured by you now more than ever.

We may not know when things will go back to normal, and spending time on marketing budgets and resource may not be deemed as critical to your business right now. But when things do settle, make no mistake that both you and your competitors will be fighting for customers in the same market. Without marketing resource now, even if it is limited, you will be reacting with everyone else when it is back to business as usual. And those organisations who have been continuing to communicate well with their customers may very well be the ones who win back customer loyalty first.

Whatever the situation right now, one thing that we can be certain of is that it is fast changing. And your ability to respond, and respond well, could be the key catalyst for success in the future.

You may need a specific skill set to help you deal with reactive communications strategies or create engaging organic content to counter your reduction in advertising spend. You might need a brand strategy which will focus on maintaining loyalty from customers who either cannot use your services right now, or who are feeling frustrated that they are experiencing longer lead times. Or you might just need some specialist advice and support to deliver consistent communications and marketing collateral to your customers and stakeholders.

Having retained freelancers, contractors or interim marketeers, experienced in dealing with crisis communications, brand strategy, design or even web development, who can generate engaging content for you now, help you communicate with customers in a timely fashion, or who can help to develop/redevelop your brand strategy, could be critical in ensuring your success in the future.

For more information on how our Marketing team can support you now and in the future, contact Sarah-Lee Neesam, Business Services Director on 07967 644 005 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also find out more at on our dedicated Marketing page.

In the next blog in our CEO series, Greg explores how businesses might need to prepare for a big change in demand for their services when the situation starts to settle. Look out for ‘Low demand now but high demand in no time?’. Visit our news page to see the other latest blogs in the series.

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