Digital skills in high demand according to LEP research

Written by Greg Parkinson

The information technology sector has been revealed to have one of the fastest forecasted rates of growth of at around 15%, or 4,000 additional jobs in Leeds City Region over the next decade, it was revealed this week.

According to the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership’s (LEP’s) new labour market research, digital skills will be in high demand – demand that is not exclusively within the information technology sector but across the full labour market.

The skills gap has been identified based on the supply and demand of skills, together with evidence of mismatch and market failures.

In addition, high-skilled management, professional and associate professional occupations are projected to grow three times as quickly as the average for all jobs over the next 10 years.

The report also revealed that the City Region performs well on apprenticeship take-up in comparison to other parts of the country.

Cllr Susan Hinchliffe, leader of Bradford Council and Skills Lead for the LEP said that the research was ‘important’ to the employment and skills activity at a City Region level as it brings to the fore industries expected to generate the future jobs and what needs to be done to invest in the skills pipeline.

Stephanie Burras, Chair of the LEP’s Employment and Skills Panel, added: “What is evident from this research is the ‘personal effectiveness’ or transferable skills such as building relationships, organisation and good communications skills are of key importance across all sectors as well as advanced and technical skills.

“We know that businesses need employees who can not only excel at their day to day activities, but connect well with colleagues and clients and manage their time effectively.

“Our activity is employer driven, learning from research such as our labour market analysis, to help us channel our funding and efforts into the projects that will have the greatest impact on our economy and prosperity in the future.”

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