Employee retention in the New Year

The New Year brings with it feelings of ambition, hope and optimism - driving many individuals to make changes in their personal life.

New research by Investors In People (IIP) has found that 47 per cent of the UK workforce is looking to change jobs in 2018, with one in five people already actively searching for a new opportunity.

Of this figure, poor management is the greatest driver of discontent, with 49 per cent of workers looking to change jobs citing it as the reason they would seek a new role in 2018, with increased job satisfaction, salary and employer appreciation of their skills following closely behind.

But how can poor management be the deciding factor that pushes nearly half of the UK workforce to look for a new job?

IIP CEO Paul Davey commented: “Research suggests that employee disengagement costs the UK economy £340 billion annually, and that bad leadership is eroding UK productivity. And with 49pc of workers citing poor management as the main reason they’re considering looking for a new job next year, management strategies must evolve to meet the demands of employees if organisations are to retain staff.”

So how can managers ensure that they are empowering their employees in order to increase employee retention rates?

  • Give employees a sense of empowerment: Empowering staff to make their own decisions improves happiness at work in several ways. It can build their confidence, make them feel more invested in their job, and help them develop critical skills that they can use to advance their careers, while making more meaningful contributions to the company.
  • Ensure your employees feel appreciated: When you show your staff that you appreciate their hard work and dedication, you instil loyalty and create a positive working environment.
  • Task employees with interesting and meaningful work: Employees who see their work as worthwhile are nearly 2.5 times happier than others. An important part of this is being able to provide employees with a shared vision that helps them stay focused on their goals during both the good times and the challenging times.
  • Be fair to everyone: Always strive for fairness and transparency in your decision making. Make sure employees feel heard, and have a chance to speak out when they feel a sense of inequity.
  • Build positive workplace relationships: A sense of camaraderie at work improves employee communication, cooperation and collaboration, and feeds innovation.

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