How we are empowering working parents

According to the Working Families report, one in five parents put their careers on hold to start a family as they don’t feel they can only succeed in one. Employer demands, increasing financial strain and societal norms all contribute to the pressures parents feel when juggling work responsibilities and parental life.

The same report highlighted that nearly two in five parents’ work prevents them from being able to say goodnight to their children most or every night. For more than two in five parents, work prevents them from being able to help their children with their homework.

In a report from Parliament, they found that many parents and part-time employees have been penalised by being overlooked for promotions.

Studies show that there are some very effective processes employers can put in place to support working parents:

  • Make flexible working more accessible (Regus found that 55% of parents feel that their job doesn’t accommodate it)
  • Provide equal opportunities to progress for full time and part-time employees.
  • Offer benefits to help with the cost of childcare and promote them internally and externally.


Working at Elevation

We have a growing team of over 70 people across Yorkshire. Our work is built on rewarding people who work hard, and we offer everyone equal opportunities.

Over half of our workforce are parents, including our board, so we understand the challenges of childcare while building a successful career. As such, we have a flexible and mature approach to employing working parents that allows our team to excel in their career while raising a family.

Flexible working

For parents, workplace flexibility is especially important. Research by Bain & Company found that women believe by creating models which support men and women with families would be the most important action to overcome barriers for female career progression.  

Flexibility is especially key for women in middle and senior management positions, as they consider whether and how to juggle their career advancement with family aspirations.

In a recent report from Timewise, they found that 84% of men would like the option to work flexibly to help with childcare. Flexible workspace provider Regus found that 85% of parents would forfeit other benefits to taking up flexible working arrangements. It was also reported that 81% of the people surveyed said that having a better work-life balance is a top benefit.

We make it easy for our team to work flexible hours and we adapt their projects and targets to make it equal across the board. Currently one in five of our team members work flexible hours.

Promotions are available for all

Promoting hardworking staff has great benefits for a business including reduced staff turnover, a more engaged workforce and a better working culture.

However, YouGov reported that there’s a standstill in women progressing from middle managers once they have started a family. Nearly 75% of people who opt for part-time working cannot go on to progress within their workplace. Working Families found that one in ten parents reject a promotion as the new role would intrude on their work-life balance.

At Elevation, whether you work flexible hours, part time or full time we offer the same opportunities to everyone. Our board of directors is made up of 80% parents as is 60% of our senior management team. Having a hands-on and balanced management team means our junior staff have inspirational leaders to learn from.

We base promotions on hard work, commitment and achievements. We also have a dedicated Learning and Development manager who works with the divisional teams to help them accomplish their career goals.

Clear and accessible policies

In a recent article from Forbes, they found that employees spend around 48 hours trying to figure out their employer’s parental leave policies. This shows that there is often misleading information and some parents worried about how they would be able to continue to have a successful career after starting a family.

The Metro reported that only 2% of men take parental leave. This low percentage is alarmingly low considering it is a legal right for men. It raises questions as to why men aren’t taking their entitlement. In the report, they say it is mainly because of negative perceptions in the workplace, with one in five dads saying that they were afraid of losing their job if they took the full amount of leave on offer.

We pride ourselves on offering transparent policies for both parents and accessible, no stigma, leave for dads. We also have a very supportive return to work scheme for new parents to help them get back into a job they love.


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