High-Volume Recruitment Drives: How Can Recruitment Agencies Help?

Coordinating a large-scale recruitment campaign is no small task. Hiring one role can be difficult enough, never mind multiple roles at once, sometimes across several departments. From the hassle of application admin, to finding the time to actually sift through all the candidates, bulk recruitment can quickly take you away from your desk.

Yet, for a recruitment agency, hiring is what they do best! You can get the talent you need to complete company goals, without losing any time of your own. Let’s discuss all the ways that a recruitment agency could help you.

Handling all the Application Admin

Posting an ad on a job board might seem quick and easy, but the influx of applications from various different boards quickly becomes a daunting task. Posting to multiple job boards, assessing each applicant, responding to enquiries, booking in interviews… it all adds up!

Working with a recruitment consultant means that you can save all that time with one in-depth meeting to communicate exactly what you’re looking for. From there, your consultant can handle all the admin. All you’ll need to do is listen to their shortlist presentation and liaise on interview timings, leaving you to concentrate on your own tasks.

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Screening and Shortlisting

Recruitment agencies not only handle the administrative aspects of candidate searching, but they can also take charge of screening and shortlisting applicants. How much support recruitment agencies can offer here is up to you! They can just shortlist the applications and hand them on to you. Or, they could arrange assessment days and even handle initial interviews for you.

The marker of a good recruitment consultant is how well they communicate with you at each stage. However involved a consultant is in your recruitment strategy, they should be keeping you in the loop at all times.

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Full Market Comparison

Opting for a single agency to exclusively manage your recruitment not only simplifies the administrative workload but also ensures a consistent and fair assessment of candidates. With one dedicated consultant overseeing all applications, they’ll be able to use the same criteria and ensure a fair comparison. They’ll also be able to pull all applications from all channels into one place. So, no potential gem goes unnoticed, and you are guaranteed to receive the best talent from the entire pool.

Access to Inactive Candidate Network

An often-overlooked benefit of using a recruitment agency is the access to inactive candidates. Beyond the active job seekers on public platforms, recruitment agencies boast extensive networks of "passive" or "inactive" candidates. These individuals, not actively job hunting, may be a perfect fit for your roles but they’re not on the job boards and so they won’t see your vacancy.

Your consultant, however, can identify and approach these perfect fits. In other words, you now have access to a broader selection of candidates than what traditional job boards offer. Most of the roles we fill are with inactive candidates – but our clients would never have known about them if it weren’t for our ability to reach out directly.

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Speedier Process

Time is of the essence in recruitment – particularly for some urgent roles such as interim finance roles. The best talent will likely have multiple offers available to them, and you don’t want to be the one keeping them waiting while they make their decision.

Recruitment agencies expedite the hiring process by leveraging their pre-existing candidate pool. With a dedicated focus on recruitment, agencies can fill positions within days, instead of the weeks or months it might take a firm to hire on their own.

Flexible Payment Solutions

On a purely practical basis, partnering with one recruitment agency for all the roles you are hiring means that you can create a payment plan to suit you. Negotiating a payment schedule allows you to spread out the costs and maintain a healthy cash flow. Whether you’re planning on hiring 30 people over 3 months, or hiring 10 people every quarter, you can agree on a fee per role and stagger payments as required.

A checklist lists all the ways a recruitment agency can help with high volume recruitment drives; handling application admin, screen & shortlisting, full market comparison, access to inactive candidates, speedier process, and flexible payment solutions

In the fast-paced world we live in, leveraging the expertise of recruitment agencies during big hiring drives is a strategic decision. From managing administrative tasks to accessing a wider candidate pool, recruitment agencies offer a comprehensive solution that delivers the talent you need, without draining time and energy from your existing team. Any organisation that strives for growth should recognise the benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency in building a talented and dynamic workforce.

Are you planning a large-scale recruitment drive? Get in touch today to talk to one of our expert consultants.

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