How to engage top talent

There are a number of points that your average business owner/decision maker will reel off when asked ‘what are your biggest challenges likely to be in 2017’; and whilst they may vary slightly from sector to sector there is one topic that is never far from the top of the list… Recruiting top talent.

But why?

Here, our expert HR recruitment team consider some of the top challenges faced by those at the north face of the hiring process; especially when looking to recruit the top talent.


2017 has already shown us that people considered to be ‘Top Talent’ being looked after by their current employees, making those candidates actively looking for opportunities in decline; whilst on the other hand, there is a demand internally within businesses to hire only the best!

The two factors combined makes engaging with top talent increasingly difficult and so engagement channels, building a talent pipeline and recruitment techniques need to stand out.

Your Brand

Your brand is not only important to existing and new customers, but it is also vital to attracting future employees.  Further to ensuring that your management team are aligned when it comes to communicating what the company is all about, it is also of equal importance that a potential ‘top talent’ employee understands all of the pros of taking a job with your firm.

Similarly, if you have established a bad reputation (rightly or wrongly) in this arena for whatever reason, try to tackle it head on. Better that than leaving the interviewee feeling unsure about whether this is the job for them!

New Technologies

People communicate and engage through various mediums and recruitment is no different. Ensuring you continuously build a talent pipeline both for existing and future roles, it is key your business builds a communications strategy that works. This will include your website, your existing employees, social media, events and advertising. It is also key that your recruitment partners have all the tools available to really know you and your business, in order to ‘sell’ you as the employer of choice.

Understanding the brief

Time and time again seasoned HR professionals are tasked with finding the ideal candidate for a role that includes ‘this and that’. The manager in question has no doubt that they are looking for experience and a long list of expertise… but in what?

And whilst there will never be a one shoe fits all kind of ‘tick list’ to help them articulate what’s of most importance, trying to encourage them to be as comprehensive and specific as possible will not only ensure that your marketing is attracting the right kind of talent for the job at hand, but it will also inevitably help with the CV sifting.


Finally, if you want the person that other people also want – you must remember this. You don’t go to a customer presuming they will automatically buy from you just because they need the product – the same applies in recruitment. Too many business make this mistake and in today’s market, it is key that you sell back to the interviewee that benefits of working for you!

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