How to keep remote workers motivated

Increasingly, with the availability of technology such as file transferring, Wi-Fi and cloud computing, it is becoming much more plausible for desk jobs to be executed remotely. Allowing for flexibility, productivity and the added bonus of removing the commute, remote working is often an attractive option amongst workers.

Keeping in mind that one of the keys to a successful business is a strong, productive team, questions may be raised as to how this can be ensured when you’re employing people to work remotely.

Here, we consider various practices that can be implemented in order to keep remote workers motivated, and to ensure they are always made to feel part of the team.

Encourage communication

Communication is key with remote workers, whether this be via email, phone or skype. It will give them a chance to ask any questions that they might have, whether these be task specific, HR related or admin associated.

Building an open and honest relationship is key - remote workers should feel like they are included in the business as much as any other employee.

Provide regular feedback

Regular feedback will help keep remote workers on track. The logistics of working remotely means that remote workers cannot easily compare their work to that of others, therefore it is useful to provide constructive criticism as required as well as praising good work, to ensure all workers are on a similar wavelength.

Schedule face-to-face meetings

Although it may not be necessary to meet with your remote worker(s) every week, it’s a good idea to schedule in a face-to-face encounter at least every quarter or every month in some scenarios. It’ll be helpful for them to visit the office and meet the other staff so that they feel included in the team.

Why not schedule in a monthly lunch event, inviting both remote workers and in-house staff? The initial agenda of the event will be a work-related catch-up, but it is good to encourage a social catch-up too, to prevent remote workers from feeling too isolated and encourage a more social scene, both within the office and out.

Keeping remote employees motivated can be a challenge, but by planning interactions and communications, and leveraging powerful digital communications tools, motivation can be as easy as a phone call or a couple clicks of the mouse. Ensuring that they always feel valued by planning social events and including them in benefits and perks of the job will also help to make them feel a part of the team.

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