How to tell if you are ready for a career move

For most people embarking on a career, and possessing even a modicum of ambition, there will come a time when you will start to question whether you are ready to ‘make a move’. Perhaps you are not progressing as quickly as you would like in your current role, or you don’t like the direction that the business you work for is taking. 

Often, the relevant prompts are loud and clear, but on occasion you may find yourself wondering whether you are making the right decision to look elsewhere. After all, you get on with your team, you know what you’re doing and you have the commute route down to a very manageable 27.5 minutes!

But are you choosing comfort and convenience over progress and self-development? Here, we consider some key indicators that the time has come for you to move on and up…

The Sunday night blues

4.13pm on a Sunday afternoon is when the blues set in for many of us, let’s be honest, but if this is more than just a fleeting sense of disappointment then it could be time to change it up.

You’ve lost your passion

Let’s get this straight, most people don’t jump out of bed each day with boundless excitement for their day to begin (except for those really annoying ‘morning people’) – but if you spend your entire commute dreading the day ahead (and indeed, wishing the time away until the weekend) then this too could be a sign that you need to seek pastures new.

Ultimately, if you’re not doing something you love (or even remotely like – regardless of why) each day will be a difficult grind.

You don’t get on with your team and / or boss

First of all it’s important to remember that we’re not at work to make friends. That said, if you simply have no rapport with your team and don’t feel you fit into the office culture it could be time to bite the bullet and find your next employer; perhaps with ‘culture and personal fit’ high up on your list of criteria. We are, after all, humans not robots.


Stress at work is relatively normal and something that most of us experience at one time or another. In fact, a certain amount of stress is a good thing, and demonstrates that we feel passionately about the job that we do and are driven to succeed and improve.

On the other hand, however, if the stress is constant and debilitating then it might be that you’re ready for something new.

You feel you’re not being stretched or learning anything new

If you feel that you’re not being stretched and challenged you will swiftly see the boredom setting in. Many employees feel happy in their ‘comfort zone’, but if you could do your job in your sleep the likelihood is that you’re not learning anything new and will feel stagnant instead of leaving the office feeling proud of your accomplishments.

Feeling stable and secure at work is one thing, but we still need to be kept on our toes.

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