How workplace culture can attract, and retain, the right employees.

Cultivating the right company culture may sound like an abstract goal, but it’s also the key to attracting and recruiting the right talent for your workplace, and, in turn, driving business growth.

In another of our recent blog posts, we discussed the rise to prominence of additional employee perks such as free onsite health services and days off to do your Christmas shopping, but these only go so far in attracting the top talent, and do very little with regards to helping your business retain this talent.

Workplace culture is the key differentiator. Modern employees still want great financial compensation packages – but they also want things that money can’t buy, such as an office environment that makes them happy and comfortable – whether that office environment fosters creativity, is laid back and relaxed, or makes work fun.

How to make your workplace culture more attractive?

Start by assessing your company culture and then strategically plan the work environment you need to create in order to attract the type of candidates who will take your business to the next level. See the below characteristics of strong company cultures that attract strong employees:

  • A safe environment where employees are encouraged to take risks, make mistakes and then learn and improve without fear.
  • A total compensation package (salary, benefits, time-off, perks, professional development, retirement investments, etc.) that is closely aligned to the company’s culture.
  • Flexibility in work hours and the ability to work from home when needed.
  • An interview process that allows candidates to meet with not only managers but their potential peers, and that offers a clear understanding of the role, the company and job expectations.
  • Performance feedback and coaching that is ongoing, respectful and clear.

For strong potential employees, ping pong tables and free lunches aren’t the deciding factor when choosing their next career move. The employees you want are interested in a work environment that will enable them to grow their careers, provide greater satisfaction and give them the experiences that make work worthwhile.

This type of culture is harder to find, but creates the type of commitment you want from great employees. Culture is the key differentiator that sets you apart and ultimately forms the competitive landscape.

Here at Elevation Recruitment Group, we are committed to sourcing candidates that are aligned to the company culture of the role in question. We understand how important it is to feel completely at ease at work, - this is how staff retention is achieved – and ultimately, how happiness is sought.

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