How you can be part of the Engineering global shift

The Engineering and Manufacturing industries thrive on innovation and growth. They are key drivers in creating employment, shaping the UK economy and building the infrastructure for the UK to compete in the modern world.

The issue

However, these industries are facing a standstill. There is a 20,000-shortfall of young people applying for jobs and starting their career in the field.

The main issues the industry is facing is the lack of female staff:

  • estimated only 1 in 8 workers are female;
  • boys are 3.5 times more likely to study A Level Physics than girls;
  • boys are five times more likely to gain an Engineering and Technology degree.

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Opening doors

Engineering and Manufacturing have a varied range of career opportunities in design, technology and more notably, in renewable energy. This is key for the UK as we aim to be the leaders in green technology in the next 5 years.

Here at Elevation, we are dedicated to securing the future of the UK. So, we have made recruiting for Engineering and Manufacturing a priority. To give young people the platforms to grow, we are working with IMechE, IET, and IChemE and other leading STEM organisations.

Take part

An essential part of this is partnering with industry events in the Yorkshire Region. We are proud to sponsor:

  • Get up to Speed with STEM Annual Business Breakfast and Networking event- bringing together industry experts and young people to discuss the future of Engineering and Manufacturing.
  • Made in Sheffield Awards- an evening celebrating a year of people who have gone above and beyond.
  • IMechE Annual Dinner- a fully booked event to honour another incredible year of Engineering.


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The Get up to Speed with STEM Annual Business Breakfast and Networking event is open to all and takes place 18th April at 7.45 am. But we have limited tickets so to book your place today.

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We hope by being a part of such inspiring events, we will encourage the growth these industries.

To find out more about how Elevation and our commitment to Engineering click here

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