Hybrid marketer- this year’s event for marketing success

In a 2013 presentation, marketing pioneer and CEO at PR 20/20, Paul Roetzer, stated that the future of marketing belonged to the generalists - the hybrids - not the specialists.

Over time marketers have had to adapt to forever changing technology, consumer behaviour and trends.

Marketing has become more competitive due to the volume of noise; audiences are more difficult to speak to; it’s more challenging to be creative and disruptive. Unfortunately, it’s also more competitive to succeed as a marketing professional. Today’s marketers are expected to have a broad range of skills.

This has led to the birth of the hybrid marketer. A marketer who sees it as part of their role to learn any new, emerging skill that might achieve their objectives and help their career flourish. A hybrid marketer is someone who doesn’t stick to one specialism but seeks to acquire any relevant knowledge and skill.

Skills you need


In a growing digital world, marketers need to understand SEO, PPC, social media, web development and mobile marketing. However, most marketing degrees at University level have not progressed like the industry has and do not cover core digital skills. Graduates can be unaware of the developments to digital marketing and technology that are needed to work in the field.

Cross-Channel Knowledge

Marketing professionals who demonstrate cross-channel knowledge have a good understanding and insight about the different channels. They will be able to guide their team to develop integrated strategies and campaigns.

Integrated campaigns include using PR, events, direct marketing, advertising and sales promotion. Campaigns that are communicated effectively are more likely to achieve the campaign objectives which benefit the organisation.

Strategic thinker

As a marketer, it is common to get completely enthralled in day-to-day tasks such as checking digital metrics - website traffic, social media followers and customer acquisitions. However, what about the bigger picture?

Marketing Land suggest that strong strategic thinkers use numbers to support arguments, think about what’s next and to always do 5% more.

These skills plus many more are needed to compete with the talent gap in marketing. According to the Online Marketing Institute, there is a 29% talent gap in mobile marketing and a 37% talent gap in analytics. Companies are finding it difficult to recruit professionals that can help build their organisation.

By expanding your skills beyond your marketing speciality, you will become more marketable to other organisations and more valuable to your existing organisation.



The event you need to attend

The Charted Institute of Marketing invites marketing assistants and executives who are looking for career progression to the “Rise of the hybrid marketer” event. An evening for marketers to hear from experts and explore career paths.

Jessica Dodds, Event Organiser, explained, “Reports show marketing management is one of the top five career choices in 2018. The role of the modern marketer is changing; with the rise of digital tactics, there is an ever-increasing pressure to define your marketing USP for career progression.”  She continued, “The traditional marketing career routes - specialist and general - are no longer set in stone with modern marketers needing to take on more of a hybrid role combining strategic outlook and operational detail.”

The event will feature senior marketing professionals across a variety of sectors who have defined their route to success and found what it takes to progress into Senior Marketing Manager, Director and Agency Owner roles.

Jessica concluded, “If you are a Marketing Executive, newly into marketing management or an entrepreneur pursuing marketing consultant opportunities, this event is for you.”

The event is taking place from 18:00-20:00 on 11th September at 2 Park Cross Street Leeds. Book your place here: https://www.cim.co.uk/eventbooking/?crid=92486&ename=Rise%20of%20the%20Hybrid%20Marketer

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