Ask the expert - Hybrid marketers: What does it take? Part 2/5

We have the pleasure of sponsoring the CIM’s ‘Rise of the Hybrid Marketer’ speaker event. This sold-out event is going to be a fantastic opportunity to hear from a panel of senior marketers discussing the role of the hybrid marketer.

We carried out a series of interviews with the speakers to learn about their career and what they think it takes to be a hybrid market.

Today we sat down with Jenny Rennocks, Head of Marketing at Clarion Solicitors where she shared with us her remarkable marketing career which has been full of bold moves and working her way up the business.

Starting at IBC Global Conferences and working her way to Marketing Manager to Head of Marketing at Clarion Solicitors.

How did you start your career in marketing?

While studying I always knew that I wanted to work in marketing and was lucky enough to start my career in conference marketing.  This was a great start, and during this time I also completed my CIM Diploma.    

Take us through your career journey, how did you become such a marketing advocate?

After a couple of years as Marketing Assistant in a small conference business in South London. Fortunately, I was offered the position of Marketing Executive at IBC Global Conferences in central London. 

I had not been at IBC long when my manager at the time was heading off on maternity leave, nervously I approached the head of the team and asked to be given the chance of taking on the manager role. 

I was delighted that she agreed to give me a chance!  I was there for over three years before my other half and I made the move North.  

On arrival in Yorkshire, I moved into professional services marketing where I have remained for 18 years. For the last 10 of those I have been at Clarion.

Marketing is an important function in any business, and it has been fascinating to watch the function develop over my career.  When I started, we faxed people before we gradually got to grips with a tool called email! I am showing age….

What does a hybrid marketer mean to you?

I have always seen myself as a ‘holistic in-house marketeer’ juggling many hats and being involved in all aspects of the marketing mix.  The theme of my CIM Diploma, all those years ago, was the importance of ‘integrated marketing’ and this has been incredibly important in all the roles I have held.  

For me, the various elements of the marketing mix (both on and offline) shouldn’t be operated in isolation and to maximise effectiveness, everything should be integrated as much as possible. 

 I have always tried to understand as much as I can across the mix, and while I am not an expert in everything I have a basic understanding which in my eyes equals hybrid marketing.

What skills are required by the next generation of marketers considering there is such a constant change?

In my experience, these are some basic skills but are very important - being organised, responsive, flexible, personable, inquisitive and being able to juggle. Be a team player while managing your own projects.

The next generation has a much better understanding of technology so that should not be a problem! A passion for marketing is a given…

What advice would you give to a fresh marketer?

While the basics of marketing strategy remain consistent, the tools available to achieve the objectives are constantly evolving.   

Be alive to change as much as possible - listening and learning whenever you get the opportunity from your managers, peers and third parties. 

Be proactive rather than reactive as you develop your career and identify the right relationships to develop.  

People buy people and if you can build trust and respect in your role as a marketer at your chosen organisation, you will succeed. 

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