Let's talk with Sarah-Lee - Managing the Post Offer Process Effectively

Well, this is my final blog before the Christmas holidays. When I started this series at the beginning of the year, I wasn’t sure if anyone would read them, but I knew that if the insight helped one business or individual then it was time well spent.

For the final episode I decided this month to look at on boarding your new hires.

Each month my aim is to discuss topics impacting Sales & Marketing professionals, from industry changes, recruitment trends, advice and general news.

It needs to be said that I never profess to be an expert - but after many years of working in the sales and marketing space and personally experiencing the transformation across both sectors, whilst also, spending the last 16 years recruiting sales & marketing professionals, I hope I can give some of you a little help, get you talking about things or at the very least make you smile 😊

Many recruiters will spend time giving advice on writing a good CV, interview top tips or how to recruit top talent – however, post-offer good practice is often overlooked.

We’ve all spoken about how busy the recruitment market has been over the last 2 years and seen the demand for the best candidates has been high. However, if you have managed to secure the person you want and done all the right things to get that candidate to accept, the worse thing you can do is ignore post-offer and on-boarding as part of the recruitment process.

Let’s take these in 2 sections. Firstly, Post-Offer.

If your candidate has accepted and signed all their paperwork, there is nothing worse than receiving the dreaded call 3 weeks later to say they have received an offer from elsewhere or a counteroffer and are no longer starting. Your instant gut reaction can often say ‘well they obviously weren’t right’ – however, you may be wrong. The other offer may not be more money, but they may have spent time building relations, keeping buy-in and making their offer look more attractive.

A candidate / job process is never complete in my opinion until a probation has been passed. For a client, we need them to think in exactly the same way. There are a few key, yet simple things that we would advise you to do post-offer, and prior to the candidate start date

  • Ensure the contract is sent out in a timely manner (the day after the verbal offer is made) and any questions are responded to quickly
  • Get the line manager to call the candidate after the offer is made to congratulate and connect with them on Linked In and share mobile numbers
  • Offer any support with them handing in their notice and ask them to call after to let you know how it has gone
  • If there is a longer gap / notice period, arrange for the candidate to come for a team lunch / coffee
  • Send any relevant company information to them in the post i.e., brochures, product information
  • Text and keep in touch, ensuring the candidate feels welcome and supported - should anyone else approach them, this minimises the chance they will react.

Once you have reached a candidate start date, ensure you have spoken with them the day before and shared their on-boarding plan, including some key things that may seem minimal to you, but often are things important to candidates.

  • Do they know their day 1 plan (in the office or virtual)?
  • Have they been sent any relevant home working equipment where required or car or tools etc.
  • If they are coming to the office, do they know the correct time and dress code

Then in that first week there are some effective things to ensure successful on-boarding.

  • Meet & greet – have a building tour or virtual meetings in the first week with all relevant stakeholders
  • Team Lunch – again in a more relaxed environment, this doesn’t need to be expensive but shows the candidate a personal side to your organisation
  • Do they know all company policies, best practices and even the best place to get some lunch!
  • First day box – we have seen lots of examples on social media of people receiving 1st day gifts. These don’t need to be extravagant – simply ensuring they have a pen, notepad, water bottle and some treats are a cheap yet effective way of making them feel welcome. This also makes great employer brand posts on social for your future candidates
  • Arrange a catch up at the end of their first week and check-in
  • Feedback – send them a questionnaire, asking them about their recruitment experience, thoughts on the process and what they are looking to achieve in their first 3 months – then ensure these are realistic and you can match their aspirations.

Good post-offer and on-boarding processes do not need to be expensive or over the top – however, they do need to be planned and importantly consistent. Don’t go through all the effort and expense of finding new employees to then fail at these 2 points.

No matter the energy, political or cost of living worries we currently face, 2023 does not show signs of slowing down in terms of finding the best people to help companies navigate these uncertain times, therefore, if you can get this right you will reap the rewards.

I will start a new series next year – maybe on something new! Hopefully my Christmas break will help me brainstorm 😊 However if you have ideas then reach out.

Bye for now and enjoy the holiday season!


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