Office 365. No, not that one.

Ok, so we don’t quite spend 365 days in the office, but we do spend a fair chunk of our time there, and having certain things to hand can aid you in being the most productive you possibly can be. So why wouldn’t you equip your work space just as you would your home space?

Here, we cover off our top eight essential items to keep close at all times.

1. A box of tissues

Useful for mopping up spillages and containing germs. Enough said!

2. Snacks

Everyone experiences days when, as the clock strikes 6pm, you come to realise that you never quite got around to eating lunch! Keeping some (healthy) snacks to hand can ensure you maintain those energy levels even on the busiest of days.

3. Layers

No one wants to be labelled the office complainer. If you’re prone to feeling the chill, keep some extra layers close by (especially if hot-blooded colleagues like the windows open in December, or your boss is a little bit strict about when the heating can be turned up).

4. Spare chargers

Keep a set of chargers for your various devices at work as well as at home, especially if you are reliant on your mobile or laptop for meetings or doing work on the move.

5. Cleaning wipes

Did you know that the average keyboard is dirtier than a toilet seat? Eugh. Pass the Dettol wipes. Especially important if you work from a hot desk from time to time!

6. To do list

Few of us have enough brain power to remember all of the tasks that are thrown our way on a day to day basis, so producing and maintaining a comprehensive to do list is key when it comes to driving efficiencies (and getting out of the office on time!). Whether it’s on your notepad or on your phone, this is something you should consider key to your everyday way of working.

7. Think hygiene

Think deodorant, mints, hand sanitizer. Even the most hygiene conscious of us can get caught out on a hot summers day, so having something to help you freshen up to hand can help reinject a little confidence when you’re unexpectedly called into a meeting, or asked to go out to pitch to a new client.

8. Something personal

Whether it’s a photograph, a favourite plant or simply something colourful or humorous (although do keep it clean) – keep something on your desk that makes you smile. After all, with the average working week spanning in excess of 30 hours you’ll want to ensure that you have a little something that’s personal to you to hand.

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