Our Commitment to CSR

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a corporation's initiatives to assess and take responsibility for the company's effects on environmental and social wellbeing.

Here at Elevation, our core values are very heavily influenced by CSR, and we are committed to the highest standards of integrity and responsibility when working with all candidates, firms and stakeholders.

We believe that having strong CSR credentials helps us attract and retain the very best employees to our business. Our aim is to be a leader among the recruitment industry in the field of CSR.

Our CSR philosophy includes the following:

  • Our local community and charities
  • Our relationships with our employees
  • Our diversity as an employer
  • Our behaviour as an employer
  • Our impact on society and our impact on the environment
  • Our recruitment services
  • Our corporate governance policies
  • Our shared values that guide our company.

How CSR can help you attract the best talent.

Research enacted by the research firm Sirota Survey Intelligence has found that a company’s commitment to CSR influences how an employee views several other areas, including interest in their wellbeing.

And this also has a positive effect on opinions about their employers’ sense of direction, competitiveness, integrity, and employee engagement, the survey of 1.6 million employees found.

Nick Starritt, managing director of Sirota Survey Intelligence, Europe, said: “Businesses that recognise the importance of social responsibility often have employees who tend to be more satisfied with their jobs, adopt similar values, and become more committed to achieving success within the industry.”

Among employees with a positive view of their organisations’ commitment to corporate social responsibility 71% also rate senior management as having high integrity, while 67% feel that senior management has a strong sense of direction.

Almost nine in 10 employees who are satisfied with their organisations’ commitment to corporate social responsibility have high levels of engagement, while 75% feel their employers are interested in their wellbeing.

Here at Elevation, we are firmly committed to being a responsible business and that philosophy is shared throughout the whole organisation. Having a shared focus on CSR, we believe has a direct impact on being an employer of choice and assists in sustainability. We are also committed to investing in the future by helping to improve the skills and aspirations of young people and working with our community partners to help understand and assist in the needs of the community by providing both our voluntary and financial support.

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