Preparing for a great week at work

As the old saying goes, ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. And we would certainly argue that the same goes when thinking about a productive week at work.

Turning up at 9am on Monday and expecting everything to fall into place without having taken the time to consider the impact of deadlines, meetings or unexpected demands of the role on the day to day is likely to leave you in a bit of a muddle. Whereas a little bit of preparation and forethought can make the world of difference. 

Here, we consider what can be done to maximise efficiency Monday-Friday:

Set goals

Setting mini goals at the beginning of your week (ideally in line with your business objectives and personal development plan) to then review on Friday afternoon before you switch off for the week will give you purpose and keep you focused on the bigger picture if things do get stressful at times.

What you think is what you feel

We don’t want to get all fluffy on you, but this is true. If you think you’re going to have a tough week at work, you probably will. Reset your mind-set and you’ll find that frown, naturally, turning upside down.

Eat your frogs

No, not literally! This simply means getting those tasks out of the way that you have been putting off and have been hanging over you. Getting those out of the way will not only remove a huge burden, but will mean that you can give 100% of your attention to the remaining items on your to do list.

Use your Sunday wisely

Sunday is often referred to as a day of rest, but we’re not sure that’s 100% the case anymore! Instead, we declare Sunday a day of prep….

If you really want to have a great week at work (as well as improving your wellbeing to boot) then consider using half an hour or so on a Sunday to plan ahead. 

Of course, Sunday remains part of the weekend and is a day off for many, but ensuring that you take certain steps will ensure that your Monday (and subsequent working week) runs much more smoothly.

This can include things like scheduling exercise into your week; preparing lunches for the week ahead; planning outfits (no one wants to get caught out without a clean shirt at 7.30am on a Monday…) or simply reviewing your calendar so you know what’s ahead.

Similarly, taking time on Friday evenings to review your work load for the next week will mean Sunday blues are kept to a minimum because you’ll know exactly what lies ahead (as much as possible, anyway).

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