Recruiting in a Remote World - Onboarding the Remote Worker

As the Coronavirus pandemic has continued to affect the way both Elevation and our clients recruit, we have been talking to clients and candidates about their experiences and have put together some useful information for how to get the best outcome when recruiting in a remote world.

In the third instalment of a three-part series of blogs on how to recruit in a remote world, this week Operations Director Emma Noble discusses the best ways to onboard your remote workers to help them adapt to their new working environments, build a rapport with you and the team they will be working with, and get a good feel for the culture of the organisation, whilst getting to grips with the expectations of them and their role.

Onboarding plays a critical role in ensuring the wellbeing and happiness of employees and can be vital to their success with your organisation. However, onboarding workers remotely can present some key challenges, especially in ensuring that they have the opportunity to integrate and interact with the company processes and culture, as well as members of their team.

In the absence of a physical environment in which to induct your new employee, there are some key things you will need to consider to ensure that you provide your new hire with everything they need to be successful in their new role:


Introducing your new hire to their team

Use video conferencing and internal messaging software to introduce your new hire to coworkers. This will enable new hires to be more comfortable and confident in conversations that create personal bonds. Video conferencing allows employees to make eye contact and observe facial expressions that are important to interpersonal communication.

Get each individual to introduce themselves and give a bit of background on their job role, much like you would do on a physical walk around of the office to introduce them to their colleagues. If possible, add some informal elements to help them build a personal connection with their team.


Virtual Tours

Regardless of whether the employee will be working on site or not, it is still a great idea to give them an idea of what your office, and indeed culture is like - it will help them get a really good understanding of the personality of your business and can help introduce them to their new environment.

If you already have images or videos from inside your offices, you can prepare virtual tours that give remote workers a sense of the company environment. A virtual walk-through that allows remote workers to see co-workers in action, even if it’s not a current video, may still help to reduce feelings of isolation. Of course, there is also the option of conducting a guided tour in real time via a Skype or FaceTime call, giving them the opportunity to ask questions during their tour also.


Set Expectations

Clearly communicate your expectations to new employees before they start work. Onboarding employees with a clear picture of their duties is the basis for successful hires.

Both you and the remote worker should be clear on company values, team objectives, and individual goals. You should also establish time frames for training, reviews, and milestones.


Clarify Understanding

You should verify that new employees understand their tasks and the systems they’ll use in their work. Discuss upcoming projects, organisation leaders, and access to shared employee resources.


Make New Workers Feel Welcome

It’s important that new employees become a functional part of the team. Introducing them to other team members, and where to turn for help, builds relationships that are important to job satisfaction and performance.

Ensure the rest of the team is accepting of the new hire. Connect the new employee with veteran team members in a mentored relationship to better understand business goals and values.


Providing the Right Tools

Make sure you provide the right tools for remote working. i.e. have they got an appropriate desk / chair/laptop etc. Ensure you understand the employee’s home environment to ensure they are comfortable and will be as productive as possible.

Make sure that the employee is set up with access to the right systems and accounts that they will need to do their job prior to their first day so that they are ready to hit the ground running from day one.


Further Information and Support

This blog is the final instalment in our ‘Recruiting in a Remote World’ series. You may also be interested in ‘The Remote Interview’ and 'Hiring the Remote Worker’ blogs.

Elevation Recruitment Group HR have worked with multiple businesses across the region supporting them through Covid-19 and remote interviewing:

  • We can provide insight on the best interviewing technologies i.e. Microsoft Teams vs Zoom
  • We can advise on the best interview techniques
  • We can provide advice on how Covid and Virtual Interviewing has effected candidate attraction
  • We can sit in your interviews with hiring manages to help control the format or provide support to them on questions
  • We provide feedback on the pro’s / con’s of your interview style and feedback candidates are providing

If you need any further help and guidance on this area please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on 07710 096 839. 

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