Returning to work following a career break

Whatever your reasons are for taking a career break, there is no reason why you can’t jump back into the job market when you’re ready to. Although it isn’t easy to pick up your career where you left it – whether it’s been six months or six years – there are methods that you can execute to help ease you back in.

There are support systems in place to help you return to work, so why are many women falling short of these? New research conducted by the Young Women’s Trust found that hundreds of thousands of young women without a job are being “written off” as economically inactive and going without support to find work despite many of them having good qualifications.

The report found that most of the young women aged 16-24 classed as economically inactive, say they want to work but are not included in official unemployment statistics and not given the right Government support to prepare for work.

The report found that having children has a greater impact on women’s likelihood to be in work than their level of education; New mothers and those with a dependent child are six times more likely to be economically inactive than those without children.

So what can you do to ensure you make the smooth transition back into the world of work?

Use your networks

Tap into your network of contacts, including friends, family and former colleagues. Attend events that are well-frequented by people in the sector of work you are returning to, and leverage these opportunities to the best of your ability.

When networking, scout the room for familiar faces. Whilst networking is focused on expanding your contact list don’t overlook a friend, acquaintance or former colleague in your quest to meet someone new. After all, they may themselves introduce you to new contacts at the event ensuring that not only is your circle widened, but that you effectively receive an informal ‘recommendation’ by being introduced in this way.

Look for flexibility

Flexible working has become a buzz-word of late; for employees, free lunch on a Friday or other small perks no longer quite cut it, and they are looking for more in their comprehensive employee benefits packages.

Many organisations now offer a range of flexible working opportunities, from flexi-time and compressed hours to working from home and job shares. Ensure that you make your search for flexibility well-known from the get-go, and talk about it openly in your interview.


Here at Elevation, we understand just how difficult it can be returning to the workplace. We are an integrated Group of multi-disciplined recruitment specialists. Our recruitment consultants are reliable, long-serving and trusted, and are specifically trained to offer career development advice.

Our recruitment consultants are trained to conduct competency-based interviews, ensuring that together, the recruiter and the candidate can identify strengths and weaknesses to help prepare a candidate for that all-important interview.

If you are an individual looking to return to work and are unsure of how to make your first move and wish to discuss how the Elevation Recruitment Group can assist your search and help you to take your career to the next level, please contact us today. 

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