Senior Consultant is pushing career boundaries

We pride ourselves on our employees’ career development. We promote people based on their hard work, performance and commitment instead of years of service as we feel it’s a fairer approach. A shining example of this is Natalie Davis, Senior Consultant in our Procurement and Supply chain division. Natalie started at Elevation four years ago, since then she has been promoted based on her dedication to her role. We spoke to Natalie to know more about her career journey with Elevation.


1. Firstly Natalie, tell us about your role?

I recruit for mid to senior level placements for Procurement and Supply Chain across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and East Midlands.

My role involves everything from account management, and new business wins, talent sourcing, candidate attraction, interviewing and advising candidates on their C.V and how to prepare for interviews.


2. What is a typical day like in your shoes?

To make sure that I can achieve my best, I usually try to have a set work schedule.

A typical day would start by checking the job boards for new candidates to market, ad response and updates with clients.

I would then set myself a business development exercise which would typically be targeting new businesses, catching up with existing clients or following up on leads.

Following this I would focus on my existing projects, ensuring shortlisting is on target for each role.


3. In the past four years, you’ve really risen through the ranks. Talk us through the promotions you’ve had.

Initially I started as a Resourcer within Engineering, and I was quickly promoted after 3 months to a Trainee Consultant.

After just a few months of training and development sessions I was running my own desk. This was fantastic for me, I felt like Elevation really wanted me to achieve everything I could. 

Following this I moved into the Procurement & Supply Chain Brand where I progressed to Senior Consultant.


4. How did you feel getting your first promotion?

I was delighted and felt even more motivated to do well in my new role. I felt like my hard work had paid off.

I also felt valued by the management team and that I wasn't just a number to them but a crucial part of Elevation.


5. What has been the highlight for you over the past four years?

Being given the opportunity to have full responsibility for the Procurement and Supply Chain brand within the Rotherham office. Also, being able to see the results of my work growth through the increase of my billings.


6. What are your favourite parts of your job?

The incentives and rewards for doing well.  I think it’s important to reward people who work hard. At Elevation, everyone is rewarded, and it really shows that the team feel respected and appreciated.


7. How would you describe working at Elevation?

Fast-paced, evolving and rewarding.


8. Would you recommend working here to your peers?

Yes, for people who are driven and are motivated by targets. Also, there is a great deal invested into career progression for each team member.

From day one, I have felt welcomed at Elevation. Every day, everyone has a smile on their face and make you feel confident that today is going to be great.


9. What would you recommend to other junior consultants starting out in recruitment?

I quickly realised that there was so much more to recruitment than I previously had thought. Sourcing candidates is not about finding any old talent, it’s about finding the right talent for the right role and the right role for the right talent. It is not just about finding people: it’s about growing and maintaining those relationships.

Although Recruitment can be hard (what job isn’t?), I found that being consistent with my work ethic and prioritising workloads are the best ways to work.

Also working within an ever-changing environment, it is essential that I keep on top of my work.

By doing this, it has allowed me to maximise my workload and helped my career develop.


Life at Elevation

With Elevation, you will have access to continuing promotion opportunities as well as a bunch of other incredible benefits.

We have a positive and friendly culture that’s just waiting for you.

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in recruitment, and Elevation sounds like your type of place, contact our Head of Talent, Sarah Mounsey on 01709 723 248 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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