The importance of happiness at work

Happy people are productive people; recent statistics reported by Forbes claim that happy salespeople sell 37% more, have fewer sick days, are 12% more productive and stay in their jobs longer.

Indeed, research into workplace happiness by Happiness Works has revealed that employees in Yorkshire and the Humber are the happiest employees in Britain!

Overall, 77% of those questioned in Yorkshire and the Humber said they are happy at work, well above the national average of 63%. The research also revealed that people from the region find their work more interesting (74%), get on with their team (88%), have good friends in the office (72%) and suffer less stress (38%).

It’s only natural, therefore, that business owners and CEOs would want to create a working environment where they can fully reap these happiness benefits. But how do you ensure that your employees are happy at work? And how will you know if they are unhappy?

  • Hire the right fit for the job and company: When you hire people who mesh well with your workplace culture and ‘feel at home’, they assimilate with greater ease and begin making substantive contributions quickly
  • Give employees a sense of empowerment: Empowering staff to make their own decisions improves happiness at work in several ways. It can build their confidence, make them feel more invested in their job, and help them develop critical skills that they can use to advance their careers, while making more meaningful contributions to the company.
  • Ensure your employees feel appreciated: When you show your staff that you appreciate their hard work and dedication, you instil loyalty and create a positive working environment.
  • Task employees with interesting and meaningful work: Employees who see their work as worthwhile are nearly 2.5 times happier than others. An important part of this is being able to provide employees with a shared vision that helps them stay focused on their goals during both the good times and the challenging times.
  • Be fair to everyone: Always strive for fairness and transparency in your decision making. Make sure employees feel heard, and have a chance to speak out when they feel a sense of inequity.
  • Build positive workplace relationships: A sense of camaraderie at work improves employee communication, cooperation and collaboration, and feeds innovation.

Here at Elevation recruitment Group we are committed to helping you source the right candidate for the role. Happy employees are committed, loyal and hardworking, which is why we are keen to get to the root of their motives – what really drives them out of bed in the morning – to ensure they will be happy working with you.

If you are currently looking to appoint, or are looking for the perfect role and wish to discuss how Elevation Recruitment Group can assist your search, please contact us today.

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