The power of body language in an interview

There’s a thin line between what’s acceptable and what’s unacceptable in a job interview – you want to be perceived as confident, not obnoxious; intelligent, not a know-it-all. But what if you could influence the interviewer’s decision, without saying a word?

“Actions speak louder than words” – an old saying that speaks volumes when in a job interview. Your body language can have a significant impact on how you are perceived, so you must be aware of it the moment you step through the door.

In the list below, we highlight the most important ways of conducting yourself in an interview situation:

Do lean in to the interviewer
Your posture is an integral part of your nonverbal conversation; leaning forward in your chair shows your interviewer that you’re engaged in the discussion and interested in what they have to say.

Do gesture with your hands
Making small gestures with your hands to emphasise your points will demonstrate energy, positivity and enthusiasm, whilst projecting a dynamic presence. It is also a sign of being relaxed, so whether you’re heating up internally or as cool as a cucumber, show outward signs of composure by gesturing while you speak.

Do make eye contact
One of the first things people will try to decide about you when the first meet you is whether they can trust you, and making eye contact is an effective way to convey that you’re trustworthy, without even opening your mouth. Don’t be afraid to cast your eye to other areas of their face though, as persistent eye contact can be a little overbearing, and is commonly misinterpreted as intimidation.

Do smile
Smiling is one of the most overlooked body language signals in an interview, yet it infers that you are relaxed and comfortable; one of the key characteristics that employers look for when hiring a new employee.

Do mirror
Matching your interviewer’s positive body language is a good way to reinforce that you are on the same wavelength; mirroring a nod or a subtle shift in posture can create good common ground between two people, whilst matching a handshake is always a good equaliser.

Whilst the above body language advice is not a cut and dry rule book to abide by, - personal intuition will be able to tell you whether your interviewer is open to mirroring, eye contact and the lean, - it does provide some guidance for an approaching interview.

Here at Elevation, we meet with each candidate and offer interview advice, coaching and guidance to ensure you feel comfortable before heading into an interview. If you are currently looking for the perfect role and wish to discuss how Elevation Recruitment Group can assist your search, please contact us today.



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