Useful apps to help with organisation at work

Some people just LOVE spread sheets – we all know that one person who just can’t get enough of Excel - utilising it for not only work purposes, but also to organise everything from their exercise schedule to their shopping list.

If however your natural inclination is a little more, ahem, freestyle, then you may be one of a growing number of people relying on organisational apps to help you get your ducks in a row; many of which can also very useful when conducting a job search or career move – with features designed for storing CVs, noting down contact details, arranging meetings with recruitment experts, or managing interview schedules.

Whatever your motivation we’ve outlined three of the most popular apps below which may help to meet your needs.

Evernote Evernote  provides you with a facility to take notes (and record them to avoid colleagues thinking you’re texting away….) which then automatically syncs with other devices, as well as allowing relevant attachments.

Todoist ToDoist allows users to ‘get more done in less time’ – and surely, that’s the holy grail for most of us? Tasks can be accessed from anywhere, and there’s also the facility to collaborate with colleagues. The visually appealing and yet simple app claims to offer more features than any other ‘to do list’ service – and is well worth downloading as a result.

Dropbox Dropbox   is a free service enabling users to seamlessly store and share documents, videos and photos.

Whether you choose one and run with it, or decide on a combination of all three, welcoming these apps into your life (and using them!) will ensure that you are, in the very least, working your way towards being as organised as possible.

Good luck!

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