We invest time and energy to ensure every individual is well-rewarded and happy
Our People A commitment to the highest standards of integrity. Of personal and professional service. Of delivery in a selected specialist sector: these are the commitments common to each Elevation recruiter. But as we now have over 50, there’s no typical employee: from high calibre graduates to working mothers, HR professionals to technical specialists, we are a broad church with a narrow focus: to provide a superior service to our clients and candidates. Length of service is also important in this context. We make every effort to provide an outstanding employee experience - it’s in our Vision - and every opportunity to build a long career. As a result, our staff are motivated and our staff turnover is low - in fact, it’s way below the industry average and we have never lost an employee to a direct competitor, reinforcing one of our key points of difference: that the experience, market knowledge and candidate networks of our recruiters have a real depth. So please take the chance to meet our team in the following profiles.  

Our Leadership Team

As a leadership team, we believe that our employees are what make our business unique, and the working environment we have created is key to this. Not only do we carefully consider who we hire at Elevation, we are also passionate about providing a market-leading employee experience that is second to none within the region. Creating a platform for our employees to excel, feel valued, and have the support and guidance they need to progress, is one of our key strategic goals. We believe a happy team is a successful one, and this has led to the strong reputation we have gained across the region.

Our Team